Stat profile Prime
Stat profile Prime

Nova Biomedical develops, manufactures, and sells advanced technology blood testing analyzers.

We employ over 1200 people, with sales and service subsidiaries in eight countries and distributors in more than 91 additional countries.

Nova has manufacturing facilities in Waltham and Billerica, Massachusetts, and Taipei, Taiwan.

Nova is one of the 25 largest in vitro diagnostic companies in the world and the largest privately owned in vitro diagnostic company in the United States.


Hospital Critical Care/Bloodd Gas Analyzer.

Device Feature :
  •  Measures: pH, PCO2, P02, Na, K, CI, iCa, Glu, Lac, Hct
  •  Calculated Parameters: S02%, HCO3-, TCO2, Be-efc, Be-b
    SBC, O2Ct, O2Cap, A, AaDO2, a/A, RI, P02/F102, Anion Gap, P50 , Hb
  • ZERO maintenance cartridge system.
  •  Each cartridge is ready to use and easily replaced in seconds.
  • The unique Clot BlockTM sample flow path is designed to protect sensor
    cartridges from blood clot blockages.
  •  Supplemental quality monitoring continuously monitoring the status and
    performance of all analytical components providing real-time
    sample-to-sample assurance of correct performance.
  •  High throughput: Up to 45 samples/hour.
  • Arterial, venous, or capillary micro-samples 100 microliters for full menu.
  • Integrated barcode scanner.