ERMA: Japanese company established in 1908.

And since then they have continued to grow, innovate and change the world around us.

They may be more than 100 years old, but they are fresh, lofty and have revolutionary ideas.


Plasma coagulation measurement such as PT, PTT, FIB, and etc. as well as regular biochemical analysis is available by AE-600N!

Device Feature :
  • Accurate measurement data by 6 interference filters of excellent quality
  • Max. 96 parameters can be input in memory
  • Standard graph in display enables easy correction
  • Reaction process in kinetic measurement observed in display
  • Temperature of sample holder controlled by Peltier element, enabling temperature setting at 25℃, 30℃, 32℃, and 37℃
  • PT, PTT, FIB, also factor measurement available in plasma coagulation measurement
  • Fine quality of micro flow cell and short-lengthened sample suction tube reduce influence of carry-over
  • External devices such as PC are applicable by RS-232C