Konelab prime 60
Konelab prime 60

Thermo: American multinational company specialized in Automated Biochemistry, Lab Automations and Lab streams.

They are the world leader in serving science, with revenues of more than $20 billion and approximately 70,000 employees globally.

Thermo Fisher has offices and operations in many countries, notably the U.S. and in Europe.



Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer.

Device Feature :
  • Random and Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes.
  • On-board capacity of 84 routine samples, 6 STAT samples.
  • Up to 45 refrigerated reagent positions.
  • Automated clot detection to secure result integrity.
  • Economic water consumption without need for external water supplies.
  • Ready for use, bar-coded system reagents for automatic identification.
  • Unique low volume cuvette design minimize reagent consumption.
  • Automatic pre- and post- dilutions.
  • Real time monitoring of reagent volume and expiry date.
  • Reflex testing capability to trigger a new specific test to be run.
  • Automated sample pretreatment feature, e.g., in HbA1c measurement eliminates the manual hemolyzing step.
  • ISE unit: K , NA , CI , also Ca as optional extra.
  • The konelab menu covers over 80 carefully validated methods: Enzymes, Substrates, Electrolytes, Specific proteins, Drugs of Abuse Tests, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.