Indiko plus
Indiko plus

Thermo: American multinational company specialized in Automated Biochemistry, Lab Automations and Lab streams.

They are the world leader in serving science, with revenues of more than $20 billion and approximately 70,000 employees globally.

Thermo Fisher has offices and operations in many countries, notably the U.S. and in Europe.



Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer.

Device Feature :
  • Fully automated, bench-top clinical and specialty chemistry system.
  • Indiko together with bar-coded, ready to use Thermo Scientific system.
  • Reagents is a reliable combination providing ease-of-use and flexibility to routine clinical chemistry analysis and specialty testing, like specific proteins and drug monitoring.
  • Once loaded, the analyzer provides true walk-away time for the operator.
  • Patient oriented testing produces results quickly thus enhancing the quality of patient care.
  • Light source xenon lamp with long lifetime.