ERMA: Japanese company established in 1908.

And since then they have continued to grow, innovate and change the world around us.

They may be more than 100 years old, but they are fresh, lofty and have revolutionary ideas.


The newest touch screen system realizes easy & simple operation. A large back-lighting LCD makes the screen clear and easy to read. Quick processing for measurement data of 18 items including 3 differentials of WBC and for 3 items of histogram only by small volume of sample suction.

Device Feature :
  • SIMPLE OPERATION, QUICK MEASUREMENT Measurement operation completes just by setting a sample to the nozzle and pressing START key. Measurement of 18 parameters and histograms are quickly processed within 60 sec.
  • AUTOMATIC NOZZLE CLEANING FUNCTION The sampling nozzle is cleaned automatically after sample suction. Free from touching blood directly. No contagion and no error by manual wiping.
  • ALL SETTING BY TOUCH SCREEN Simple touch screen operation makes all the function settings such as initialization measurement conditions, and automatic liquid circuit cleaning fast & easy.
  • BUILT-IN SELF MONITORING SYSTEM Reliable performance with maintenance control is guaranteed by a self-monitoring system that prevents clogging in the detector and checks liquid circuit condition & measurement values.
  • REASONABLE PRICE & COST REDUCTION Rational design for interior including liquid circuit enables a lower price & cut in running cost, keeping excellent specification such as the newest display.