G8 (Analyzer)
G8 (Analyzer)

Tosoh: Multinational Corporation with a Japanese global reach specializedin lab Automations,
Automated immunoassays system, Rapid TRC and high performance
Liquid chromatography technologies, screening diabetes and beta thalassemia disorders.


“Tosoh’s G8 analyzer is fast, easy to use and offers me the peace of mind of reporting highly reliable and precise results!” The Tosoh Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HLC-723G8 (G8) analyser continues to set the standard for diabetes monitoring and diagnosis as well as for β-thalassemia screening worldwide.

Device Feature :
  • Fast – to ensure your workload is dealt with swiftly.
    – HbA1c results in 1.0 (STD) or 1.6 (VAR) minutes.
    – HbF and HbA2 results in 6 minutes.
  • Fully Automated – to minimise operator intervention.
    – Fully automated maintenance,start-up and shutdown.
    – Primary tube sampling with cap piercing.
    – Integrated barcode reader for sample identification.
  • Reliable and Precise – to ensure a consistent service.
    – HbA1c Inter- and Intra assay CV’s < 1% allowing exceptional patient management.
    – HbA2 Inter- and Intra assay CV’s < 3%
    – High quality chromatographic resolution, eliminating interferences.